Where does the money from buttons go?

All proceeds from the sales of Wear Your Meds buttons will be donated to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness. Wear Your Meds is not directly affiliated with NAMI, but we have their support as a NAMI DIY project.

Where are my buttons?

Hopefully not lost! Please allow 10 days for them to arrive at your doorstep. If they haven’t by then, email wearyourmeds@gmail.com with your name and order number, and I’ll look into it.

Who are you? How do we know proceeds really go to NAMI?

I’m Lauren, and I guess you don’t know for sure, right? You just have the word of a stranger with a bunch of spreadsheets that everything beyond my out-of-pocket costs is going right to NAMI. I’m one person with bipolar making buttons one-by-one out of my apartment with a single button maker I borrowed from a friend, which seems like a pretty inefficient way to scam people.

There’s no way I could wear this button around my community or workplace without facing discrimination or even getting fired. I don’t feel safe. Does that mean I’m not helpful?

Absolutely not. Being able to Wear Your Meds around your community, workplace, family, friends, etc. without fearing repercussions is possible only because of privilege. I’m a white woman working in a creative field where mental illness is common. For me, there is minimal risk. That isn’t the case for a lot of people, so my hope is that using my own privilege in this way can eventually help out those who can’t speak out.

Not everyone can feel safe wearing the buttons, and that’s okay and doesn’t make you unhelpful or bad or any negative thing. There is no requirement to ever share your story with anyone. But if you do feel safe, speaking openly about your mental illness meds might someday help out those who currently can’t share their stories safely.

And if you are ever discriminated against in the workplace because you have a mental illness, that’s very illegal. You can get info about rights and resources here.

Are meds the only way to address mental illness?

No! Different things work for different people, and that’s why it’s important to speak to a specialist. I personally went to a therapist for a year before he directed me to a psychiatrist. You can find all sorts of resources on the Get Help page.

Don’t people get addicted to or abuse certain mental illness medications?

That’s true, and Wear Your Meds has no intention of promoting the abuse of these medications. It’s certainly possible that people will wear the buttons because they abuse the drug, but there’s unfortunately no way around that.

For information on substance abuse, go here.

My meds aren’t available. Why?

There are so many prescriptions out there! Since I’m currently designing and hand-making every button alone, it isn’t feasible for me to customize or add a ton of options. If you want to see something exist you can email me about it (wearyourmeds@gmail.com), and I’ll add it to my running requests list. If something has a lot of requests, I’ll do my best to create it. New creations will be announced on Instagram and Facebook when they happen.

How can I get involved with Wear Your Meds?

That’s really nice of you. Follow @wearyourmeds on Instagram and I’ll let you know.